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Auditor Conversion Courses

Lead Auditor Conversion training is 3 days (24 hours). These training are designed for those who have successfully completed the Lead Auditor training in a standard and want to expand their qualifications to another standard. It is especially recommended for senior auditors who work in or operate organizations that operate integrated management systems.

The Lead auditor training is 5 days (40 hours). The Lead Auditor teaches you the knowledge and skills necessary to control your own management system. With this tutorial, you will also learn how to make the 2nd party (Supplier) inspections and 3rd party (External and Certification) inspections.

The Lead auditor training provides the participant with complete knowledge and skills on how to plan, complete, implement and supervise a management system approach. These training include a 2 hour written examination and a certificate is given to those who succeed in the course.


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Auditor Conversion Courses